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Foxhunting in VA: A Perfect Fall Day

November 7, 2016

I loved growing up in Virginia. I love returning to Virginia. I hope to one day reside full-time again in Virginia.

What makes it so special? The beauty, the people, the memories, the traditions.

One of those traditions, a favorite of mine, is fox hunting. There is something so incredibly beautiful about riders atop horses galloping through woods and over the rolling hills.

The Plains, VA.

On Saturday, the Orange County Hunt, the hunt with which my family's property is affiliated, had its opening meet for the fall 2016 season. Virginia was in fine form on Saturday, with warm temperatures and stunning foliage.

I was able to see many friends, family members, and neighbors in their finest hunt attire as they headed out.

The Plains, VA.

As the hunt field left, my mom, sister, and I piled into the car for another sport: car hunting. My mom is an expert follower of the hunt, knowing the geography, the roads, and possible hunt patterns quite well.

Many a time we have lost the hunt to the middle of the woods, only to find them a few minutes later popping over a hill by a road or a piece of a neighbor's property.

This weekend, we nearly ran right into them as they turned around the follow a fox's trail that led them right past the car!

    The Plains, VA.

    This also meant we got to see one of the hounds follow the trail straight across a line of hay bales!

    I'm back in Princeton now, but already looking forward to my next car hunt. Thanksgiving, here we come!

    You can see the rest of my photos from the day here.

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