Sunday in the Park with George


Sunday in the Park with George, a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine, tells the story of artist Georges Seurat, a man who struggles to find a balance between his artwork and his personal life. Sondheim summarized the plot of the play by saying: “Boy loves girl. Boy loves art. Boy loses girl. Boy gets both girl and art 100 years later.”

I had the opportunity to photograph the first act of Princeton University’s production of the show, directed by Julia Bumke ’13 and starring Holly Linneman ’13 and Brad Wilson ’13, during a dress rehearsal. I was given full stage access, meaning I could wander through the audience, into the wings, and behind the stage. As I photographed, I wanted not only to capture what the audience sees—what is on the stage—but also help those not involved in the production understand what is happening behind the scenes.